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SA Service Providers


We love to partner with service providers

There are many types of facilities and establishments that benefit from Therapeutic Dog Services Programs and service visits ranging from residential homes, hospitals, and hospices through to both special and mainstream schools.


Strategic Partnerships: Therapeutic Dog Services works together with our partners to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

If you are reading this, 

You’re obviously the type of person who recognises the benefits of therapy animals for your clients, staff, or students.

You probably already know that Therapy Animals can offer: patience, tolerance, and affection.

Our animals show obedience skills, manners, and are impeccably reliable. Our animals are never forced to work, they enjoy what they do.


Frequently Asked Questions - SA Service Provider Establishments


We love to partner with other South Australian Service Providers,

​a. Partners desire to join together for the pursuit of common business goals.

b. Partners have considered various forms of joint business enterprises for their business activities.

c. Partners desire to enter into a partnership agreement as to the most advantageous business form for their mutual purpose.

We understand that your client or patients deserve the best possible intervention or medical care.


A facility is skilled in many areas but recognises that at times it is in the client's or patients' best interest to utilize available outside specialised services to enhance therapeutic care within their facility.

We are committed to social justice and inclusion, and respect the rights of all people, in all their diversity, to live with dignity and safety and to enjoy healthy relationships.


Our goal is to provide the highest level of personalised and compassionate therapy services in conjunction with other South Australian Service Providers.  Service Provider Facility, providing the clients of SA (states and territories) with education, disability services, accommodation, medical care, and rehabilitation.

So now you really want therapy teams to work at your facility! Great! 

Whether your program is called animal-assisted activities, education, therapy, pet therapy, therapy animals, they all have the same goal: touching lives and making a difference.

Our therapy animal teams work at over 100+ facilities throughout South Australia.

There are many types of facilities and establishments that benefit from Therapeutic Dog Services programs and services, creating mutually beneficial programs, ranging from residential homes, hospitals, and hospices to both special and mainstream schools.

 Are you a South Australian Service Provider?

Are you a representative, of a Public or Private Hospital Facility, Rehabilitation or Medical Service, Nursing home, Community Home, or Disability Service and would like us to incorporate our services within your facility.

  • Schools providing Education, or disability services and support children living with disabilities.

  • Organisation providing disability services and support for people living with disabilities.

  • Organisation that provides supported long term accommodation to people with intellectual or physical disabilities who are unable to live independently.

  • Hospital or Rehabilitation facility, providing the people of Australia (states and territories) with medical care and rehabilitation.

  • Nursing Home or facility, providing the people of Australia (states and territories) with long term accommodation, medical care, and rehabilitation. 

 Where to Start?

You first need to contact us at 

and we'll be happy to explain available programs and services.

Then we'll set up a time to meet at Therapeutic Dog Services Centre or your facility - you may also like to meet one of our therapy dogs on the day.


Important Our Teams

  • Veterinarian Health Clearance: Handling evaluation and Temperament tested, health check, vaccinations, and any other requirements recommended by the veterinarian.

  • Vaccinated: Up to date with yearly required vaccinations (C5)

  • Temperament Tested: Dogs are temperament tested by animal-assisted interventions evaluator


  • Training: Volunteers are required to complete compulsory and professional development workshops.

  • Police Clearance: each and every volunteer member hold a current police clearance certificate

  • Insurance: All registered teams are covered by our Insurance policy:  $20M Comprehensive Insurance, General Liability $20M, and Volunteers Insurance.

  • Other: Flue vaccinated and Covid vaccinated.

Your Home, Facility, School or Location

We bring our programs and services to an individual at their home, clients at a facility, school or location. 

  • Various programs and services are available (design and implement programs at your request)

  • Availability: from 1 hour to 2 hours in duration

  • We have available helping hands volunteers to help your client or clients participate

  • Our programs are based on activity and not physical ability. 


Fees or Rates:

Donation Agreement plan, Hourly Fee or Price on application.

We ask participating facilities to contribute a donation agreement per year for each Therapy Dog Team making regular visits.

Contact Us


Please call now 

Phone: Admin Mobile 0481 293 370

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