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We Serve and Work with

Our client base is made up of youth, adults, seniors, special needs clients and families. 

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Adults and Seniors

We support adults who experience social, emotional and mental health to

reduce stress and anxiety and develop confidence and self-esteem to increase wellbeing. 


We support children and young people who experience social, emotional and mental health and who may have learning needs including reduced attention and concentration. We reduce stress and anxiety and develop confidence and self-esteem to increase wellbeing which in turn enables better behaviour and learning in schools. 



We support families who struggle with challenging behaviour, improving communication, relationships and building resilience.

Group therapy can be very effective, especially in certain situations. 

Group therapy is very cost-effective. Instead of focusing on just one client at a time, the therapist can devote his or her time to a much larger group of people.

Special Needs

We specialise in supporting clients who live with various disabilities, including speech impediments, and AAC device users. 

We promote these clients to access our services. 

SA Service Providers (Business & Organisations)

We serve within community hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, courts, schools and universities.

We work in partnership with: Schools, Local Authorities, CAMHS/NHS, Charities and Voluntary Organisations, and of course Parents.

Populations with Differing needs and characteristics

Special populations AAI may serve

  • Pediatric patients

  • Geriatric Patients

  • Pregnant Patients

  • Patients with Psychiatric disorders

  • Secure care patients

Practices may need to be adjusted in consideration for each client population's cognitive or physical state.

We offer a therapeutic intervention with animals, using the model of Animal Assisted Interventions and psychotherapy and animal-assisted learning

Boy Cuddling with his Dog

Interaction with animals provide a sense of peace, purpose, companionship, and love. 

Developing a bond with an animal also promotes self-worth, self esteem, and trust. 

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