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Dog Assisted Education

Animal Assisted Education

Animal Assisted Education (AAE) is a specialised application of Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) or Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) 

Provides educational presentations to residents, government agencies, schools, universities, and businesses of Australia.

Providing Education Presentations and Programs to people in a variety of settings.

  • Introduction to our service and animals

  • Provides information and education regarding the differences between AAI dogs, therapy dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, and working dogs. 

  • to ensure the human and pet relationship is a happy and safe one.

  • responsible dog ownership and dog safety incorporates learning activities and games to promote social inclusion, is a fun and interactive learning tool, educating adults and children.

During demonstrations, Therapy dogs may be present.

  • Each person is given the opportunity to participate in the meet and greet with the Therapy Dog Team. allowing people to get up close and personal with the dog.

  • For many, this can be their first interaction with a dog and provides a positive and educational experience.

  • For those that live in a community or aged care facility who have had to give up their pets or are unable to house their own dogs, love the opportunity to experience a dog and the interaction.

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